2021.13.0 - June 23, 2021


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Rules in Catalog Items and Assets can now be duplicated to speed up logic creation. Use the new duplicate button to clone a rule:

Duplicated rules are marked as Duplicate:

Rules can also be toggled to help troubleshoot logic using the new toggle:

Disabled rules are marked so Disabled:

Virtual Photographer

Custom sizing has been added to Renders so that you can render at 1K, 2K, 4K, or any size in between. Use the new Custom setting on the Render screen. You can save custom sizes using the Presets functionality:


  • GL7070 - rule editing on a composite - frame does not use entire space available

  • GL7082 - WebGL render fails when Color attribute uses HEX code

  • GL7085 - Some rules are discarded when reimporting a vrscene

  • GL7087 - Create part attribute option with grouped tag doesn't work

  • GL7089 - The item price UI issue when there are many attributes

  • GL7093 - DWG Upload Error when There are Too Many Geometric Pieces

  • GL7095 - GLB export jobs failed

  • GL7098 - Composite API is not working with new comp asset type

  • GL7103 - The Vray Subdivision And Displacement Operator is not overriding the vrscene default

  • GL7032 - AO map overrides not exporting to AR asset for the LV model

  • GL7046 - Files-service has a memory leak

  • GL7084 - V-ray merge linkers problems

  • GL7086 - Vrscene wider tags support

  • GL7097 - The Vray Framebuffer file does not appear to apply anymore in this case

  • GL7113 - 2D Player zoom does not work on iOS

  • GL7114 - 2d player, touch to zoom gets stuck with click

  • GL7123 - pbrzip import failed

  • GL7133 - Duplicate rules have shallow copied conditions

  • GL7148 - Duplicate names are not allowed for datatables on the same env but in different orgs

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