2020.3.11.0 - October 14th, 2020


Preview, Admin-FTS


  • Desktop to Mobile AR has been added to the out-of-the-box player. We now give users the ability to jump into AR mode from desktop using QR codes. Best of all, you don’t have to turn on anything, it just works.

Virtual Photographer

  • Granular Tag and Layer Filtering has been added to the New Render screen allowing you to easily test render new Parts and Materials and get as specific as rendering individual Layers.

  • Filter for Moiré Effect in the 2D player displays pinstripes or dots correctly on fabrics and other material regardless of your screen resolution.


  • Video Overlay Shader uses MP4 videos as overlays that can be played during different steps of the configuration process to give Shoppers an engaging customer experience.

  • Outline/Toon Outliner adds a shaded, sketch, or outline effect in real time with controls over line color, thickness, and opacity.


  • STEP Export is now part of the growing list of file types Threekit can export. STEP is a common format used for CAD used for manufacturing and architecture. Learn more about STEP here.


  • Rendering with Vray Displacement is broken

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