2022.7.0 - April 7, 2022


Bulk Edit helps speed up updating your Catalog, whether it's assigning Stages, publishing, modifying tags, adding and updating Metadata, or adding and updating Attributes.

The Quick View & Edit automatically becomes a Bulk Edit once you select more than one Item:

Within Bulk Edit, you an update:

  • Assigned Asset

  • Assigned Stage

  • Assigned Composite (for Virtual Photography)

  • Published State

  • Add tags (existing or create in place)

  • Remove existing tags

  • Metadata

    • Add new Metadata

    • Modify shared metadata (where the metadata keys match)

  • Attributes

    • Add new Local and Global Attributes

    • Modify shared Local and Global Attributes

To confirm the Items that will be updated, use the Selected items dropdown:


Collision Detection has been added to enhance modular or spatial configuration experiences so that objects either cannot intersect or to warn the user that objects intersect.

To add Collision Detection to your modular or spatial configurators, you will need to add Collision to your Layout Containers and the individual objects you'd like collision physics to impact.

First, add the new Collision Settings operator to your Layout Container:

There are two Collision Setting Modes.

  • Collision Detection - lets the user know that objects have collided through highlighting but does not prevent it.

  • Prevent Collision - prevents objects from intersecting

Note: you should lock the translation so that objects don't "jump" when they collide and stay fixed to the surface you've selected in your layout container.

Next, for each object the Layout Container is affecting that you'd like Collision physics to apply to, you'll need to add the new Physics Plug:

Then, you will need to add the Collider operator in the Physics section of the Properties panel:

Finally, you can set the collision detection accuracy:

  • Bounding Box - the most performant setting but least conforming to non-rectangular shapes

  • Reduced Hull (Default) - approximates the shape of your object while remaining performant

  • Exact Hull - uses the exact shape of the object but can create performance issues for complex objects and scenes

Note: to enable Collision Detection client side, you'll need to load the required, separate library:

 <script src="https://[environment]/app/js/threekit-packs-physics.js"></script>

Dimension Annotations now have more styling options to replicate technical drawings.



New Dimension Annotation styling options include:

  • Start Endcape Shape

  • End Endocarp Shape

  • Endcap Size

  • Line Style

  • Label Vertical

  • Label Horizontal

  • Label Rotation

  • Label Orientation

Bugs / Cases

  • DEV-430 - V-ray Dome Light rotation controls

  • DEV-428 - Change URL format for configuration's attachments

  • DEV-427 - VRay render converts white to transparent

  • DEV-425 - Texture import bug during rendering

  • DEV-423 - Gem shader exhibits strange yellow lines

  • DEV-408 - Same texture/materials saved out multiple times

  • DEV-396 - Change in Vray render results

  • DEV-331 - Remove the "Array" toggle from Metadata and all attributes except Part Reference

  • DEV-330 - Layers/composites render issue

  • DEV-175 - Analytics page returning a 502 error, unable to access

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