2022.1.0 - Jan 12, 2022


Table of contents hav been added to the Features and Player Settings pages to help you discover and navigate to individual setting easier:


  • AR not exporting nested attributes correctly

  • Andriod AR is not launched automatically

  • Vray Light Linking not reading node tags if individual asset being referenced does not contain the tag as well

  • ThreeKit Logo not scaled correctly in the UI

  • AR generation is ignoring the rules and logic

  • V-Ray5 renders textures incorrectly

  • No render and render screens overlap when switching configurations in 2D player

  • Error warning is being triggered when assigned asset is removed in property panels in all assets types

  • Renders generated with pricing do not get fetched by 2D player

  • AR asset only exporting defaulted attribute values

  • Player stops updating model after certain selection of attributes is chosen

  • Migration job failed

  • "Its a bug" nodes appearing when adding attributes & rules + applying changes to the model creates a clone

  • Nested configuration not rendering in V-Ray

  • No way to filter out failed jobs

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