2022.19.0 - October 26, 2022


Work faster and more efficiently with new APIs for Creating Folders, Catalog Items, and Uploading Images.

Full documentation on how to use these APIs can be found here in the Developer Resources.


  • DEV-740 Can't import images with transparency

  • DEV-732 Duplicated Tags In Org Causing errors Using Configurators

  • DEV-731 AR not working for Android

  • DEV-730 Searching attribute values through tags taking long

  • DEV-729 Pages not reloading when clicking on edit for an asset or item as URL changes

  • DEV-728 AR export failing due to special characters

  • DEV-727 Changes not reflected when editing and saving the name of an item

  • DEV-713 Sorting for Updated At not working

  • DEV-701 Inconsistent cursor behavior when renaming an item

  • DEV-652 Save in the Catalog item not working

  • DEV-649 Loading an Composite Asset Item Product View slot removes layers UI

  • DEV-599 Downloaded render results different from 2D player renders

  • DEV-530 Model logic spontaneously getting lost

  • DEV-507 Layer cropping works incorrectly in some cases

  • DEV-470 Updating Info in Preview not working as expected

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