October 2023 Release

Changes went live to Production on Jan 4 2024

Threekit Variants Early Access

Introducing Threekit Variants, the new way to manage and access all the content related to your experiences.

You can now create a Variant of a catalog item which displays all unique configurations for the item, allowing you to reference just that combination as you know it - Find all Renders, Experiences, and AR files from one centralized location.

To start, now on every catalog item there's a new Product Variant button which allows you to access all the Variant data and to generate Variants for the item. Click into it to start.

Next select which attributes you'd like to contribute to generate the Variants, this will be the key in generating each of the unique combinations.

Next select which Attributes are purely Visual, and will not contribute to a new unique configuration. Examples of this could be if a door is open or closed, a light on or off, or maybe which angle the experience should be viewed from.

It will then generate every single combination of the Item and allow for a place to store all content associated with that combination.

When the Table is finished generating, whenever you click the Variants you'll be brought to the Variant Table where you can see every generated Variant.

Use the search bar to find the Variant you're looking for

Once on the Variant, all content associated with the variant is stored here, allowing you to access any or it or reference via API

We're excited for you to try and get feedback what we think will be a much better way to manage content and build experiences. So if you're interested, please contact the Threekit Team to get Early Access.

Advanced Buyer Analytics support for Treble - Session ID

Advanced Buyer Analytics which was released for early access in April has been extended to include support for Treble, now during runtime you're able to access the current Session ID so you can record events live as they're happening and build events in your front-end experiences to correlate them with your existing data in Threekit.

For full details and how to take advantage of this visit Treble Documentation Page.


  • DEV-735 Using the VP Renders Operator causes the editor to freeze while accessing the render

  • DEV-973 Datatables getting duplicated rows after a migration

  • DEV-982 Subtract function in Boolean Operator not working properly

  • DEV-1094 Global Attributes page not showing full list of all attributes

  • DEV-1164 Sorting by the Updated At field on catalog items and assets not working

  • DEV-1173 Metadata query not returning correct value when querying assets made before 2023.11.0

  • DEV-1189 Bulk Edit view not showing shared Attributes, Matadata, and Tags

  • DEV-1203 Quick edit panel not able to add existing Global Attributes

  • DEV-1209 Rendering composites producing unwanted White Outlines

  • DEV-1218 Datatables being duplicated on update

  • DEV-1234 Fast-compositor generating empty images for items with valid layers

  • DEV-1236 Layers being misaligned when using the 2D Player

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