2021.8.0 - April 13, 2021


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Save source Texture assets so you can share or reuse them outside of Threekit. You can right-click any one texture and select Download.

You can muti-select multiple texture assets and download them in one zip file.

Augmented Reality

Material Map Overrides has been added as a Material Operator in Model assets to provide fine-tuned control over maps for AR experiences.

These can be set in the properties panel or with Logic.

Virtual Photography

Light linking for VRay allows you to control the nodes that are affected by specific lights in a VRscene. Expose light objects in Threekit using TK_ in the light object names. They will appear in a “Lights” operator on the vrscene node inside the scene. Then you can use the include or exclude options in the property panel per light to target nodes in the scene by node tags.

Bugs / Cases

  • GL6784 - Orders list not filtered by orgId

  • GL6762 - Multi ID material broken for glTF and USDZ

  • GL6742 - Attribute propagation appears broken

  • GL6517 - Occasional crash related to opacity video switching

  • GL6765 - Composite renders incorrect

  • GL6760 - Catalog items not loading

  • GL6756 - Fullscreen does not expand Assets on Safari

  • GL6753 - Update order does not update updatedAt field

  • GL6752 - Different render number after kick off render job

  • GL6745 - Cannot save player settings in personal org

  • GL6231 - Fail FBX Import

  • GL5508 - Fetching layers list using a token or a cookie without explicitly providing an orgId returns all layers in the database

  • GL1641 - assets service crashes when product description is too long

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