2023.11.0 - June 1, 2023

Text Effects for Personalization

We've expanded text personalization within the platform to allow for deeper configuration and simpler management.

Vertical Text and Multiple strokes are now natively supported, allowing you to easily create and maintain previous complex effects.

Multiple Strokes

Vertical Text

Working with these effects is as simple as turning them on inside the Canvas Text Operator, just like how you're already used to working with them!


  • DEV-926 Snapshot failing when Configurator Node Evaluation is turned ON

  • DEV-973 Some Data tables being duplicated during Data Transfer

  • DEV-990 Data transfers failing with OOM error

  • DEV-999 Data migrations not timing out after time out time is reached

  • DEV-1011 Global Attributes' overridden default value not working properly when modified/updated

  • DEV-1018 Some Update jobs failing when updating a model asset with new model asset

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