2021.5.2 - March 4, 2021


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Flake support has been added to PBR Materials (WebGL, AR) to replicate metallic flakes found in car paint, rough plastics, sand, and snow textures.

Materials have a new Flakes properties section where you can control color, density, size, and orientation.


Scene proxies can be used to create Universal Scenes - one Scene asset that can route to different scenes for WebGL and Vray or for advance routing based on Product Metadata.

Existing scenes can be converted in place and all references to that scene will continue to work.

Scene proxies include two slots based on output: WebGL and Vray.

Values can also be set using Logic mode.


  • GL6601 - Asset loading tons of old/removed assets from manifest

  • GL6630 - Can't update data table

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