2020.3.1.0 - August 6, 2020


  • AR Analytics API

    • Threekit tracks AR engagements and provides API access to pull the data into Business Intelligence or Analytics software so that our Customers can have an even more granular view of their shoppers’ journeys.

      • Catalog Item ID and Name

      • Timestamp

      • User’s device

      • USDZ (Apple) or gLTF (Android)

      • Source URL


  • Mesh overrides for material textures

    • Maps can be overridden based on the mesh a material it is being applied to so that the mesh can look correct with any material

    • Add the new operator and optional Logic to override the aoMap, displacementMap, or normalMap, opacityMap


  • Did you trigger a massive render by mistake? Now you can Stop, Resume, and Retry jobs to save you time and money.


  • Now that we support SVG vector formats as assets, you can see and filter them in the Asset listings by using the _Vector _category.

  • Fonts are also listed and filterable using the Font category.


  • If your scene has multiple cameras, you can now use any camera and frame for a snapshot. Documentation here.


  • TilingOverride fix not present/working in external players

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