2023.4.0 - February 14, 2023

Nested Configurator API

The get Configurator API has been expanded upon to be more useful when working with Nested Configurators.

Firstly, an API that will only run Catalog Item logic has been added. Allowing for attribute data to be retrieved without the need to load the 3D asset data associated with those attributes.

Secondly, an API to get the nested configurator for a given Attribute has been added. This can be called recursively to dig through multiple layers of nested configurators/attributes.

With these you'll be able to eliminate the need to load asset data when not wanted, which depending on the complexity of your assets could greatly affect performance and stop the configurator from being interacted with until it's finished.

For full details and how to use the new API, visit the documentation page.


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  • DEV-751 2D not initializing properly - getting stuck on loading

  • DEV-785 Composite API not using stage configuration

  • DEV-827 Composite Layer showing empty list in rules

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