Asset Management

Do more in less time with no context switching, no need for a dozen tabs, and no need to wait for long loading times. Stay on one screen and manage one or many Assets.

Threekit's powerful Quick & Bulk Edit introduced in the Spring for Catalog have come to Assets to save you clicks and time.

Quick & Bulk Edit

The previous workflow of adding Logic to an Asset took at least 30 seconds per asset and required a lot of context switching with new screens.

The new, Quick Edit workflow takes half the time and you never leave the Asset Management screen:

  1. Select an Asset to view its details in Quick View & Edit.

  2. Update the Asset's Name, Tags, Metadata, Attributes, and Rules

  3. Threekit's autosave saves your work as you go

  4. Move on to the next Asset on your list

The same productivity boost is available for bulk changes. Select more than one Asset to update:

  • Tags

  • Metadata

  • Attributes

Model & Scene Node Bulk Tools

Take the amount of time Artists spend in the Editor multiplied by the number of Assets they manage and that adds up to a lot of time. We're bringing powerful bulk tools to the Editor help reduce that time and to improve consistency across Assets.

We've added three new tools to achieve this:

  • Node search and filters to help you find what you're looking for

  • Bulk node renaming to create node naming schemes that make sense to you and that can be used at scale

  • Bulk node property management to apply property changes to multiple nodes at once to move faster and be more consistent.

Node Search & Filter

Updating asset nodes in Scene and Models is now easier than ever before with node search and filters, bulk renaming, and bulk property updates.

Bulk Node Renaming

Use the new bulk node renaming to give meaning to nodes and set them up for scale integrations.

Select one or more nodes to rename them, including:

  • Adding prefix and suffix

  • Removing characters

  • Find and replace characters

  • Number nodes

Bulk Node Property Management

Put all the tools together with Bulk Node Management to add or update any shared properties, like:

  • Add Mesh Compressor across mesh nodes to give experiences a dramatic speed boost

  • Adjust lighting temperature across lights in a scene

  • Add powerful functionality like collision for spatial configurators

  • Set material for many nodes at once

  • General properties like side and rotation across all node types

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