2022.22.0 - December 16, 2022

Augmented Reality

Exported USDZ and glTF AR Models now support 2 UV channels. The exported models will read data from both the UV0 and UV1 channels of a material. This allows more data to be packed in with each material, making AR models more performant without sacrificing quality.

Using the same Texture for both the Base Map and Normal Map of a material

Data Migration

Deleted items can now be excluded from data migration to save time.

To do this, uncheck the Include Deleted Production Data toggle inside the Data Transfer menu.

Data Transfer Menu


  • DEV-366 Pinch tool event parameter not subtracting player offset

  • DEV-674 Inconsistent Quick Edit panel behavior across Catalog, Tags, Attributes, and Assets

  • DEV-770 Setting part reference attribute values via metadata causing de-sync in configurator UI

  • DEV-771 Some generated links returning Error 502

  • DEV-778 Some jobs failing when downloading renders

  • DEV-788 Major translations slowdown

  • DEV-793 'Set Property' metadata queries not working properly

  • DEV-794 Render page not loading when using search

  • DEV-796 VRay materials rendering single material instead of variations

  • DEV-803 Bulk tagging for catalog items not showing up in tag

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