2021.11.0 - May 26, 2021


Preview, Admin-FTS


Player Loading APIs are now available to give you control over showing Threekit's loading UI, showing the loading conditionally, and providing your own UI and behaviour using the exposed loading hooks. Full details here: https://docs.threekit.com/v1/docs/embedding-the-threekit-player.

Order service API has been improved for validation and to provide additional functionality, like adding metadata support to individual items (e.g. [{id: , count:, metadata}]). Full documentation here: https://docs.threekit.com/v1/docs/orders-api


Translation support has been extended to include Tags created in Threekit. Configurators can use tags for organizing Product options and creating UIs based on tags. You can export/import individual Catalog Items or use the bulk export functionality.


Material UV slots are always visible now in the editor to reduce confusion. You can set these explicitly or use Logic to set them dynamically.


  • GL4322 - Order page not showing any orders

  • GL6111 - Order with invalid data prevents all orders from rendering in platform UI

  • GL6960 - Vrscene import is not exposing all lights tagged with the TK_

  • GL6965 - Light linking via tags is not working as expected

  • GL6969 - Download job not considering all values of number attributes

  • GL6996 - AR model is not loading on Android devices sometimes, shows couldn't load object

  • GL4718 - The FBX importer creates an extra parent group

  • GL5783 - USDZ materials/textures do not render properly

  • GL6631 - Updating model assets fails when they have assigned a material with a canvas operator

  • GL6666 - Converting material to proxy corrupts it if there were rules with set property

  • GL6939 - Vrscene file from Blender vray standalone app can't be imported

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