2021.21.0 - October 13, 2021


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Resource Center can be access from the help menu in the top toolbar. From there, you can access Threekit's Knowledge base, Product update notifications, the Threekit community, and the Support center.

The Knowledge base will display articles based on what you're doing in the platform or you can search the Knowledge base for any article:

You can view the documentation within the Resource Center or open in a new tab:

Product updates are listed with links to the complete Release Notes:


Asset update workflows have been improved when using filters and folders to make it much more clear when you drag & drop assets into the Assets section.

You can no longer drag & drop if you searched for an asset to reduce conflicts.

If you have searched for an asset, you can now right-click an asset an Open Asset Location to take you to that Asset's folder. From there you can drag & drop to replace it or upload new assets to that director


Canvas Text Padding can be controlled using the new Padding property when used in conjunction with Windowed, Auto Downsized, or Justified text.


  • GL5854 - Pre-rotation doesn't work with move tool

  • GL7359 - Loading bar moves backwards, jiggles around

  • GL7527 - Email service doesn't work sometimes

  • GL7539 - 2D player loading behaviour

  • GL7592 - Data Table Export Does not wrap Strings with Quotes Causing issues with Special Characters

  • GL7608 - Opaque Material in USDZ is transparent

  • GL7610 - Custom Pivot points are not retained on fbx import

  • GL7617 - Create button should be disable when creating data table

  • GL7618 - Scrolling Down on Data Tables page with >30 data tables crashes page

  • GL7626 - Search Filters on Data Tables Page Do Not Filter

  • GL7627 - AR asset not updating when linked to from a QR code that predates the change

  • GL7628 - Migration failed on a single vray render associated to a specific layer to a specific configuration

  • GL7636 - Artifacts on Android AR

  • GL7641 - Vray are Renders failing

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