2020.2.13.0 - July 30, 2020


  • Virtual Photographer

    • To save time and rendering cost, you can select specific configurations to render.


  • Scene and Model assets can be broken down into components directly in the Editor

    • Right-click a node in the scene graph and select “Clone to Scene” or “Clone to Model”

      • The node and any children will be cloned to a new asset

    • The original asset will not be modified

  • Gem support for WebGL is here using the new “Gem” operator in Materials.


  • To save time, Threekit now detects duplicate assets upon import and automatically imports

    • This is scoped to the folder you are importing into

    • It retains all operators, material assignments, and logic

  • Custom fonts can now be imported and used for personalized text using Canvases


  • Threekit administrators can toggle the Threekit logo and AR capabilities based on subscriptions.

  • Our Customers can toggle the share and full screen buttons globally

    • The toggles can be found under Settings > Features


  • Player loaded with catalog item does not use player camera

  • vertex selection allows invalid expressions

  • Remove the option to run an 8K render through VP

  • New Vray scenes produce empty renders

  • Unable to Use translation widget in Orthographic View

  • 8k WebGL renders are cropped and translated

  • Player tooltip icon "?" shows webgl information when loaded as 2D player

  • Render does not update when update Asset Configuration Json

  • Gem Improvements

  • SVG upload is broken

  • when importing vrscenes as materials, they get put in root folder

  • UV Channels are unavailable under the Vray Subdivision/Displacement operator.

  • WebGL render is broken

  • naming of string attributes is broken

  • Virtual Photographer Webgl fails to render when a stage is specified.

  • Configuration text input doesn't work

  • Materials sometimes lighter than they should be

  • Normal map tiling issue

  • Extremely slow loading of assets with multiple references to the same meshes

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