Platform Redesigned

The Threekit Platform is redesigned for optimizing common workflows for speed and scale within a modern experience.

Redesigned Login and Invite Flow

New users will no longer be asked to create a username.

Full Names will be displayed in the platform where Username was displayed. Existing users can add Full Names in their User Settings.

The Main Navigation menu now:

  • Takes up less space

  • Is better organized with submenu links

  • Displays the current environment name and is color coded

  • Is visible everywhere, including the Editor

Organization Switcher

The Organization Switcher has been moved out of the user menu into its own menu, along with some tools to manage extensive Organization lists:

  • Your four most recent Organizations are listed at the top

  • You can use the search to find Organizations by name

Jobs Listing Panel

The Jobs Listing Panel has a new, easier to understand UI and shows user triggered jobs as pending, in progress, and completed.

Clicking individual Jobs will take you to the individual Jobs page. You can navigate to the All Jobs page using the View all logs link.

User Menu

The User Menu now combines the Profile and Settings into one page.

Table View

The new Table Views UI exposes previously hidden functionality and shows more information at a glance.

Columns were added for:

  • Asset - the Asset referenced by the Item

  • Default Stage - the Stage associated with the Item

  • Default Composite - the Composite asset associated with the Item for Virtual Photography projects

Clicking these assets will take you directly to the Asset view page.

Bulk actions are visible before you select items above the table.

Items with several tags are now truncated so row heights are consistent. Clicking the three-dot icon expands the list of tags.

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