2020.3.7.0 - September 14, 2020


  • We’ve made lists, like the Catalog and Assets, easier to read by giving them room to breath and allowing you to resize columns.

  • Stages are here, check the sidebar Navigation. Now you can:

    • Create different Stages, or environments

    • Preview your Items using Interactive 3D with different stages within Threekit without first embedding

    • Render your Items using Virtual Photographer in different, configurable Stages

    • Use them when you embed the Threekit player


  • Save time when building models by right clicking nodes in the scene tree and selecting Duplicate Node to make an independent copy.

  • Warp meshes using the new UV Warp Mesh Operator.

Virtual Photographer

  • Tags used in comp assets can affect scene assets so that you can create foreground and background layers

  • You can now upload V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB) presets as ‘.vccglb’ files and use them at the time of rendering to create automatic post-processing. Check the new V-Ray Post-Effects properties in Scene assets

  • Composite Assets can do a lot more:

    • They now have Texture layers to add non-Threekit generated textures as layers

    • Layers can be set to be ignored by the render to save you time and money when you’re proofing

    • They now have Logic to control layer visibility and Texture Layer values

Interactive 3D

  • Textures can now be set to Localspace triplanar mapping so that they are compatible with animations and movement

Augmented Reality

  • You can exclude specific elements or nodes from exporting to iOS, Android, or both to give you more control over the AR experience. For example, if you want to exclude a floor, you can select it and set it’s AR property to exclude.


  • You can query and retrieve configurations using any of its metadata. This makes building connectors easier and more intuitive.

  • The Webhooks section has been improved so that you can build integrations and troubleshoot easier:

    • There is now a Log section to see all successful and failed webhooks

    • Failed webhooks will automatically retry and you can set them to retry manually

    • You can see the full webhook payload


  • 3D asset takes long time to load even fully cached

  • Creating render job from renders page (not from catalog) is broken

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