2022.3.0 - February 9, 2022


Asset Imports can be controlled at scale or individually with the new Asset Import dialog options.

You can import multiple assets at once and either set their type as a group or override them individually.

You can also import materials and textures (for model assets) or skip them and just import the models.

If the assets already exist in the folder you're importing into, you will be warned and be able to decide how to handle the import: update the existing assets, create a new version, or skip the duplicate:


Annotations can be toggled to display conditionally in Logic to highlight product features as users configure a product.

Using the new "set annotation" action, you can toggle Annotations:

Bugs / Cases

  • DEV-317 - Updating the datatable is appending the SKUs instead of replacing it.

  • DEV-314 - The data transfer job failed with error

  • DEV-313 - Updating datatables will create additional records instead of replacing the data

  • DEV-310 - Failed to migrate all layers from preview to admin-fts

  • DEV-305 - Editing Metadata Clears out Certain Camera Information in Scenegraph

  • DEV-303 - Can't open up UI rules in asset, custom script rules are fine.

  • DEV-290 - Vray imports ignore certain branches of material graphs

  • DEV-281 - Special characters in the tags creates some weird searching issues

  • DEV-279 - Render Type: Infer from properties does not work with Map Override

  • DEV-245 - Search functionality not returning any filters

  • DEV-223 - Text outline becomes much thicker when squeezed

  • DEV-17 - Configurator triggers asset fetch for every attribute value that references it

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