2023.15.0 - July 19, 2023

New Selection Outline Options

Selection within Layout Containers has been upgraded to include more options for customizing how selected items are viewed.

Regular Outline

Obstructed Objects Hidden

Obstructed Objects Custom Outline

This allows you to customize your selection interactions to best show off which elements you really want to be front and center, while ignoring items that are obstructed

Product Import Improvement

The file import system via JSON has been upgraded to allow for better stability and performance.

A large number of imports can now be done simultaneously without affecting each other and the workload on Threekit.

Additionally, imports that previously timed out due to having too large size will now continue to run until the are finished, giving you confidence that you can step away without worrying a job might not be finished, or only partially finished.

To learn more, visit the full Product Import Documentation Page.


  • DEV-422 Creating Assets without a name locking out the Save Asset button

  • DEV-1031 Shared Local Number and Boolean attributes not showing up in bulk select properly

  • DEV-1040 SVG parsing crashing if SVG path is invalid

  • DEV-1045 Local Attributes showing different value dropdowns on edit than in creation

  • DEV-1070 Toggling between Images and AR on the Render Page locks out Vray and WebGL selection

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