2019.4.10.0 - January 8, 2020


  • Access Docs and Release notes via the Help menu in the Threekit toolbar next to the User menu.

  • We’ve updated page Titles and URLs to be a bit more clear to help those of us with a dozen tabs open at one time


  • Thumbnails! Thumbnails everywhere! Threekit now generates Thumbnails for the Assets panel:

    • If a Thumbnail doesn’t exist and you’re trying to view an Asset, we’ll generate one.

    • If a Thumbnail exists but the Asset has changed, we’ll generate a new one

  • If you want to update your mesh but retain material assignments and logic, you can use the new Asset Merge function

    • Upload your new, updated asset as you normally would

    • Find it in the asset panel

    • CTRL drag (CMD drag on a Mac) the asset into the Scene tree to merge in the updated asset

  • Press ‘F’ to frame the camera based on what you’ve selected

  • Don’t want to see the Assets Panel or want to hide the Properties panel? Click their titles to collapse them


  • Bulk deletion is here: check one or more Assets and delete in Bulk.

  • Want to delete one item? Use the Asset menu on the right hand side to delete individual Assets.

Player API

  • What loading phases does Threekit support? Find out in the updated documentation.


  • Configurable Player continuously fetches products while dragging scene

  • Integration tests are more likely to fail when several are running in the same env

  • Returned to item catalog page after leaving

  • threekit.com/api/files should serve content with the correct content type

  • Clearcoat default normal map behaviour

  • 500 error when viewing an asset in a clean browser

  • Can't reference attributes in rules

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