2020.1.7.0 - March 18, 2020


  • Basic Virtual Photographer

    • String attributes

      • Hide/show parts

      • Set active camera

    • Render directly from a Catalog Item or from the new Renders page

      • Select a Catalog Item

      • Provide a name for the Render

      • Select resolution

    • As renders are complete, they are shown on the Renders listing

      • Drill down into individual Render jobs and view each image and corresponding configuration

  • Nested configuration

    • We’ve improved the underlying architecture to allow you to nest smart assets multiple levels deep


  • Specify the Red or Green channel flip in the individual texture attributes with new toggles

  • Add tiling overrides to Materials

    • Open a material and add the new TilingOverride operator

    • Set the overrides and select which maps to override


  • Mobile player

    • In the Platform, the Player and Configurator are stacked. When you scroll, the Player is fixed

    • In the embed, you can now use custom CSS to achieve a similar experience


  • Fixed jitter when changing configuration

  • Configurable AR is back

  • Fetching hashed player javascript returns 403

  • Texture Cache is using the referenceId, which is invalid

  • Setting material doesn't work

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