July 2023 Release

Threekit Fast Compositor

Introducing the Threekit Fast Compositor, a flexible way to retrieve composited images almost instantly for your items through the API.

Just like how composite assets allow for fast compilation of layers to generate millions of permutations, that same functionality is now available on demand through the API allowing you to request complex composites of an asset without having to process it through a job.

Client side Image Upload support for Treble

Support for the previously released Client side Image upload API has been added to Treble, now you can take advantage of this to dramatically speed up image uploads when building your front end with Treble.

Click here to read the documentation for full details.

Upgraded User Permissions

We've updated managing user permissions to allow for easier control of your roles and their required permissions, the interface has been updated to reflect this and greatly streamlines the process of creating, editing, and deleting permissions for your roles which we know might have been a little confusing in the past.

Now when creating roles, all the associated privileges that are required to perform specific tasks are added automatically, saving you time and making sure your users have all the access they need to perform the tasks they want to do.


  • DEV-1038 VRay renders failing if api.camera.zoom() is used

  • DEV-1064 Migration failing but showing status as success

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