2022.21.0 - December 5, 2022


  • DEV-569 Updated at/Updated by not correctly updating when specific things in an asset were changed

  • DEV-561 Some models breaking the player on rotate

  • DEV-668 Name option for configurators not displaying in AR

  • DEV-681 Migration request not correctly throwing an error when it is unsuccessful

  • DEV-717 Composite Layer Group Targets disappearing

  • DEV-751 2D player being stuck in loading after initialization

  • DEV-757 Items being able to be accessed even after being deleted

  • DEV-760 Loading a Saved Configuration doesn't load the full configuration

  • DEV-763 Translation/Localization is not translating some attribute values

  • DEV-780 Unable to add rules to a composite asset

  • DEV-784 Not redirecting automatically after signing in while launching AR Task

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