August 2023 Release

Enhanced Visuals - Tonemapping and Bloom

The bloom effect for Interactive 3D has been greatly improved allowing for more brilliant effects and your products to be shown in the best possible light.

This improvement can be achieved by using the new HDR Player tonemapping feature, listed in the Scene properties:

The HDR feature allows the postprocessing effects like Bloom to make the color calculations more accurately, resulting in richer results.

The Bloom settings will likely need to be adjusted after enabling the HDR feature, to account for the higher dynamic range.

2D Player Performance Improvement

A new 2D only player has been introduced and greatly optimizes performance, with a size 47% smaller than the full player. This means that your customers are spending less time waiting for images to load, and more time exploring your products.

To find out how to use the new 2D only player visit the Official Docs.


  • Dev-1019 Bug fix for the usage of part reference array attribute through custom script

  • Dev-1020 Update to use standardized hash for configuration in URL

  • Dev-1046 Bug fix for active cameras in models that led to scene crash

  • Dev-1054 Bug fix for Members’ Role permissions

  • Dev-1090 Bug fix for the usage of fast compositor API on admin-fts environment

  • Dev-1091 Bug fix for retrying jobs error

  • Dev-1095 Update to make fast compositor API quicker and more stable

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