2022.20.0 - November 14, 2022

Virtual Photographer

Support for Vray Sky and Vray Sun lights has been added to allow you to reproduce the real-life Sun and Sky environment of the Earth, allowing for a greater level of realism and visual quality in your VRAY renders.

Vray sky and Vray Sun light being used to illuminate an interior scene.

The VraySky and VraySun nodes are setup automatically inside your Hierarchy after being imported from a .vrscene file containing them, from there you can manipulate them just like how you would any other property inside a node.

Manipulatable properties for Vray Sky and Sun nodes.

To learn more about what each of these properties do and how to best use them to create photorealistic lighting for environments, visit the official VRAY Documentation Page.


  • DEV-373 Turntable in 2D Player reloading after every swipe

  • DEV-365 Images in annotations causing performance issues

  • DEV-625 Add/Remove Node Tags button not working

  • DEV-702 Not updating Items/Assets in Quick View after renaming them

  • DEV-734 Quick edit drag and drop not working

  • DEV-743 Rule not working at the item level but working at the level below

  • DEV-745 Can't export files as STP file

  • DEV-747 Large Unoptimized SVGs not being able to be displayed by the platform

  • DEV-748 Close button not visible for View in your Space QR Code

  • DEV-752 Tags not appearing in dropdown selections

  • DEV-762 Metadata query missing from Rule Actions

  • DEV-766 Text & Tail effect not working

  • DEV-773 Array option for Attributes broken

  • DEV-776 2D player displaying wrong Background Images after finishing loading

  • DEV-777 Objects moving in 2D player after options are changed

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