2021.3.0 - January 28, 2021


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Pricing data can be imported and associated with Catalog Items so that Threekit configurators can display real-time Product pricing. Multiple pricebooks can be created and currencies can be associated with those pricebooks.

From there, any prices can be defined for any Catalog Item.

For configurable products with parts, the pricing is automatically calculated and displayed on the platform. The calculated price can be accessed via the public API.

Augmented Reality

Android AR Wall Placement support has been added. Now both iOS and Android users can place products on their walls. You can even expose this to Customers so they can try wall-mounting or tabletop placement of products like speakers and lamps. Simply toggle the property in Model assets. For products that already have this feature turned on, there is no additional work required for it to work on Android using the Threekit player.

If you are using a custom link, you will need to include the following parameter:



Adobe Illustrator files can now be uploaded as assets or through a configurator using the Image attribute. Threekit automatically converts them to SVGs so that they can be used with existing tools, like canvases and posterization.


Blend Deformer operator provides the ability to blend shapes directly in Threekit. Add the new operator under the Polymesh property of Models.


Frame and create snapshots using any camera in a scene rather than just the default camera. The existing takeSnapshot player API now takes an optional cameraID parameter.


GL6437 - Catalog Rule set attribute value enabled does not work as expect GL6391 - Can’t edit logic when there is custom code GL6369 - Unable to Render Vray - "map" - undefined error message GL6136 - Configuration passed to configurator script does not match the actual configuration GL6275 - 500 error while viewing a render job GL6358 - 500 Error when trying to view pending invites without a role GL6329 - Search results for asset by name is empty if the search result has only 1 result GL6314 - Multiple gem shaders used in a player crashes on mobile devices

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