2019.4.3.0 - November 21, 2019


  • Number attribute is here! Now Products can pass number data to 3D assets to configure things like size and positioning.

  • Take even more advantage of smart assets using one asset for multiple Catalog items. For example:

    • Create one material asset with a “color” attribute: “Colored Leather”

    • Create three Catalog items: “Blue leather”, “Green leather”, “Red leather”

    • Reference the “Colored Leather” asset for each Catalog item to expose the configuration field

    • Set the color per item like: {“color”:”#FF0000”}. Repeat for each item.


  • Auto-save is here! Threekit saves as you work so you don’t have to remember to click the Save button

  • Drag and drop models from the Asset panel directly into your scene tree

  • Local, World, and View modes have been added to manipulators to give you more control: select a manipulator like Move or Rotate to expose the menu.

  • The editor camera now has auto near/far clipping


  • Annotation support has been added to the Scene graph

  • Threekit now supports Triplanar mapping

  • Min/Max Zoom and Min/Max Azimuth angle support is here

  • Canvas operators now support opacity

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