2021.19.0 - September 15, 2021


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Trash has been added to more sections so that you can easily see what's been deleted, by who, when, and restore objects.

Catalog Items:

Global Attributes:


Virtual Photographer

Extended Render Presets allow you to save every selection on the render screen so that you can easily re-render jobs with preset Item selection, Item Attribute selection, Composite Layer selection, Stage selection, and Stage Attribute selection:

Existing presets can be modified and updated:

Render Previews have been improved to include a configurator in the preview panel for a better and more accurate preview experience.

You can select individual renders in the listing table or configure both the Item and Stage in the preview panel.

Turntable mode has been added to the Threekit player so that Product Rotation renders can be rotated in the out-of-the-box player.

To enable Turntable mode, use the new Effects panel in Stages that have a rotation attribute:

Select Turntable from the Effects dropdown and then select the Rotation attribute that should be manipulated when the user drags in the player.

Player Interaction

For Turntable mode, you can zoom by clicking and return to Turntable mode by clicking again.


Canvas Text has been enhanced and improved with an updated, modern User Interface.

Text Effects has been added for more options and flexibility for personalized text.

Fixed height resizes text vertically:

Curved text allows for three, adjustable curve effects:

Bookend text allows for differentiating the size of the first and last letters in a word:


Automatic Texture Optimization allows you to set global or individual optimizations for textures in Threekit to improve loading times for WebGL and Augmented Reality experiences.

You can set global settings for all existing textures on the Settings > Performancepage by visualization type:

Note that higher resolutions will drastically affect performance. As a general rule, we recommend using 512 or 1024 resolution to determine if they meet your visual quality needs, as 2048 and 4096 resolution may be imperceivable.

You can override these settings on a per-Texture basis by enabling the Size Override properties:


  • GL7294 - Cloning global attributes does not work

  • GL7473 - Nested configurations not resuming with share link

  • GL7490 - New text effects size should use actual text size and not line size

  • GL7491 - Global attributes can't be used with metadata actions (value or query)

  • GL7493 - Rules which contain tags are deleted on asset update

  • GL7495 - Loading thumbnail is cropped

  • GL7498 - Item doesn't load even the linked asset loads well

  • GL7506 - V-ray Missing extra AO image

  • GL7514 - Listing pages table column changes

  • GL7529 - Image placeholder attribute not working

  • GL7537 - configurator.prefetchAttributes doesn't work, it doesn't fetch the layers of the attributes

  • GL7542 - The composite image layer should be ignored

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