2023.5.0 - February 28, 2023

Custom Item & Asset IDs

Catalog items and Assets can now be referenced with user defined Custom IDs, allowing for items to be referenced how you know them as, rather than a randomly generated string of letters and numbers. This makes managing references easier to understand, less error prone, and more flexible.

Under all Catalog items and Assets you can now define a Custom ID field with a string. Note this string must be unique as it will be used to reference this item.

Once set, wherever this item used to have to be referenced by Asset ID it can now also be referenced via the Custom ID - This includes APIs, Item/Asset Embeds, and Custom Rules.


  • DEV-895 Support for Product API with CAS

  • DEV-918 Creating Asset/Item via Assets API causes 404 Scene Not Found on UI

  • DEV-420 Empty configurations removed in VP renders for stage and item

  • DEV-845 EPS file import issues

  • DEV-907 PDF API returning 500 error

  • DEV-920 Part Reference Values not passing through to child configurators properly

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