2020.1.9.0 - April 1, 2020


  • Virtual Photographer Basic Scenes

    • When you render, you now have the option to select a Scene asset to use for the environment

      1. Create a scene and add the appropriate lights and environment

      2. Add a model null to act as the placeholder for your Catalog Item

      3. In Logic, add a new asset reference attribute called “Asset”

      4. Add a new rule to set the model null using the “Asset” value

    • When you render, if you select that Scene, your Catalog Item will be placed in that scene to be used for the render

  • Virtual Photographer Part references

    • Rendering now supports Catalog Items with Part References one level deep (e.g. a sofa with swappable fabrics or legs) so you can render swappable parts at scale


  • Loading progress bar is back

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