Player Loading Toolkit powered by Treble

Provide a superior user experience all while maximizing end user engagement using the new Player Loading Toolkit for Treble. Threekit experiences are set apart from static images with:

  • Instant visuals - Load the 3D experience in the background while showing a pre-rendered image instantly, once the experience is ready transition seamlessly to it.

  • Customizable loading options - Show off different loading styles or replace it with your own branding entirely during loading.

  • Product Interaction Cues - Automatic product rotation and other visual cues to let users know the product is ready to be interacted with.

The Threekit player by default shows a snapshot of your product while it's loading.

While loading, you can use the out-of-the-box loading images, or you can showcase your own branding via custom code.

Hide the loading all together as Threekit loads the interactive 3D experience in the background.

When the interactive 3D experience is ready, have visual cues that let the user know the model can be interacted with.

Rotation animation that rotates the product until you interact with it.

Breathing animation that slowly moves the product up and down until you interact with it.

Reduce Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and improve your Google SEO rankings using the new configurator skeleton component.

The player loading toolkit is only supported when using Treble.

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