2021.5.0 - February 25, 2021


Preview, Admin-FTS


Number attributes can now be used in more places, including Composites for layered rendering and in Asset Logic to set vector values.

It can also be filtered on the Render screen to limit configurations for Items.

For example, you can use a Number attribute to create a product rotation in WebGL or Virtual Photographer by using it to set a node’s rotation.

Tokens have been improved for clarity and with a few safety nets. Token listings now include owners and the last time they were used.

In the Members listing page, Threekit displays the number of Tokens a user owns.

A warning is shown if a user with tokens is removed.

Download Renders and Bulk AR exports. A download button has been added to the individual Render results page to download either image files or AR files. The download contains a JSON file with information about each configuration and the resulting file.

The Platform Header UI has been updated to be consistent across all top level pages, including styling and button placement.


Users are warned when leaving the editor if they have autosave turned off and have not saved their changes.

New Plugs that have been added to the Platform, like AR placement, are automatically added to existing assets now to improve backwards compatibility. API

Vertical rotation can be enabled for mobile devices using the player parameter allowMobileVerticalOrbit: true. By default, vertical rotation is disabled.

Operators and attributes can be added and updated using the Client API’s new addAttribute and addOperator functions.


GL6554 - Metadata queries do not work with the 2D player GL6404 - 2D player is not transparent when loading GL6580 - 2D player only loads some layers at certain times GL6572 - Importing product JSON with pricing attribute does not work GL6517 - Occasional crash related to opacity video switching GL6443 - Configuration changes doesn't get applied to the 2d player GL6547 - Autosave toggle state not being saved when navigating from asset page to editor GL6310 - Importing a rule via JSON ignores the action's path and value

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