2022.15.0 - August 24, 2022


In release 22.14.0 Categories was released to help with managing your Catalog, this release we're expanding on the functionality to make it faster to use.

Categories can now be quickly created within the Catalog Listing Page, making it so you don't have to navigate to the Categories page every time you want to create a new Category.

Pressing the + Button beside the Category will bring up a modal to create new categories.

Just like the create panel from the Categories Page you’ll need to enter a Name for the new category and can optionally select a Parent Category that this will be placed inside


  • DEV-675 Save button on rule creation window was missing

  • DEV-670 Catalog API calls with undefined UUIDs caused the service to crash

  • DEV-660 Values for "Used in Items" were not centered vertically in Categories

  • DEV-644 Options were not appearing on attributes even though the tags matched

  • DEV-601 Wildcard subdomain could not be added to a token

  • DEV-565 Downloading images from a render job was not working

  • DEV-480 Editing multiple script rules on an Item were broken

  • DEV-401 Custom scripts did not update when two were made at the same time

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