2020.3.13.0 - October 28, 2020


Preview, Admin-FTS


  • Virtual Photographer Zoom has been added to the out-of-the-box player and set at 2X. Try it in Platform using the 2D player with anything you’ve already rendered. You can also turn it on externally by using the parameter playerOptions tools: ['zoom'] or api.tools.addTool('zoom').

Augmented Reality

  • Wall or Horizontal placement? Now you can create AR experiences for iOS (USDZ) that anchor to walls or horizontal surfaces, like floors or tabletops. You can even expose this to Customers so they can try wall-mounting or tabletop placement of products like speakers and lamps. Simply toggle the property in Model assets.


  • Order Management can help merchants and vendors understand, track, and fulfill orders using statuses. Orders give platform users the ability to see specific configuration details and even see them in the player. You can also search for Orders by ID, Customer Name, or Customer Address.

  • Player Views are now accessible in the new Analytics section. Check how many views you have on your external player views in the current month and every month since subscription start dates, which can be set in the Features section.

  • Catalog Item pages now have more room to breath with the new header and full width page structure.


  • Expanded TK_ VRscene import to support scene and model assets to expose attributes for manipulation in Platform.


  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) has been added to improve security. Download your favourite authenticator app, like Google Authenticator or LastPass, head over to your User Settings, and turn on MFA.

  • Password Policies ensure that all passwords meet a minimum requirement for length and complexity. New users will be required to create passwords that adhere to the following requirements:

    • Minimum number of characters: 8

    • Minimum of one special character

    • Minimum of one number character (0-9)

    • Minimum of one alphabetical character (a-zA-Z)


  • Order page does not parse orders properly

  • Webhook events listing always display the first page

  • Overlay remains when the operator is removed

  • We’ve removed the Threekit link from the logo in the player

  • API for unloading the player now works

  • UV operators on meshes no longer crash

  • WebGL renders now have correct aliasing

  • VRay material extraction now respects the folder they’re in and doesn’t extract to the root folder

  • Threeify 2D player has black fringes around white content on transparent backgrounds

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