Catalog Management

Manage your Catalog with more clarity with Tag Management and move faster by combining Quick Edit and the new Autosave.


Tags are getting an upgrade so that you can management them better, from knowing where they're being used, to editing them, to removing those no longer needed, to just color coding them so you can find them easier.

Tags have their own dedicated management page to view all tags across the Catalog and Assets. From here you can create, update, and delete tags.

You can also see how often a tag is used and view all the Items or Assets using the tag.

Catalog Autosave

Autosave is coming to the Catalog so that you can move faster and not lose your work.

Turn on autosave like in the Editor and Threekit will save changes you make as you go. Autosave is available in Quick Edit and the Catalog Item Edit page.

Manual and autosave are now fixed at the top of the screen so you no longer have to look for them.

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