2021.20.0 - September 29, 2021


Preview, Admin-FTS


Support access can be granted using the new Support Settings found in Settings > Features.

Use this setting to grant Threekit's support team access to your Organization without the need for formal invitations. Access is revoked automatically based on the End Date:

Login lockout has been added to protect accounts from brute-force attackers. Users are given feedback when they fail to log in:

If a login fails five times, the account will be locked for 30 minutes

Organization Administrators can see locked accounts and unlock them:

Administrators can unlock members so that the user can try again or reset their passwords:

Data Tables

Data Tables trash is here - you can now delete data tables you no longer need.

You can Go to trash and restore deleted Data Tables:


Iridescence materials can be represented accurately in Threekit in real-time.

Iridescence properties have been added to PBR materials:

Bugs / Cases

  • GL7554 - Texture optimiztions apply based on Organizations ettings.

  • GL6974 - Threekit Icon svg returning 404 error when used in bundled player

  • GL7307 - Child nodes evaluation issue

  • GL7462 - Configure tab information for catalog item is very small

  • GL747 - Changing configuration on a nested item triggers an evaluation of the parent item

  • GL7506 - V-ray Missing extra AO image

  • GL7509 - 3D player is loading duplicates of all mesh assets

  • GL7513 - Hashed JS files are not cached

  • GL7513 - Need suggestion to improve the performance

  • GL7543 - Threekit models not display correct when loading & unloading

  • GL7546 - Potentially corrupt org crashes browsers when viewing an asset but not in the editor

  • GL7558 - The asset is giving issue when using box dimension

  • GL7562 - Loading thumbnail appears momentarily and then disappears - potentially related to recent preview update

  • GL7563 - Not able to update/rename data table in preview env

  • GL7584 - Map slots are taking a very long time to populate

  • GL7585 - Layer service is not fetching the correct image

  • GL7588 - Stage configuration on asset-jobs/{id}/renders API is used on render task with bad formatting

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