2021.2.0 - January 14, 2021


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Augmented Reality

Generate AR at scale to create the fastest experiences and review AR assets. We’ve expanded the Render workflow to include AR as an output type. Select AR and whether you want to generate glb (Android) or USDZ (Apple).

Rapid Compact asset optimization library has been added to crunch glb and usdz assets for the best file size. Using ‘Rapid Compact Commands’ you can set specific optimization settings. You can save and reuse these settings using the Preset feature.

Please note that this is a pay-per-use service, speak to our Customer Success team to learn more


Add Asset screen has been updated to group asset types and provide sub-types via dropdowns:

Material Proxy Operator provides the ability to create a “universal material” that can be used across experiences: you can specify a separate material for WebGL 3D, Virtual Photography using VRay, and for Augmented Reality to generate the best experiences. This also means that you can use one Catalog record to reference a single Proxy Material.

Convert any existing materials to a Proxy Material using the “Convert” button in the Properties Panel:

Your original Material is retained and you are provided slots for alternative Materials by output type:

You can also use logic to set these values:


Bugs / Cases

GL6254 - Asset autosave doesn’t work with custom scripts GL6350 - Clara importer doesn’t work with async scengraph refactor

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