2021.17.0 - August 19, 2021


Preview, Admin-FTS


Stage previews have been added to Catalog Items so that you can preview products in different Stages within the platform.

Use the Stage tab in the player preview to see the list of available Stages and swap them in real time:

If Stages have attributes, they will be displayed so you can configure the Stage:

Stages allow you to preview Items by using the Items tab. If the Item has attributes, they will be displayed:

The Stage preview can also be displayed when the player is embeded.

Virtual Photographer

Zoom quality controls have been added for the Virtual Photographer player settings.

In Organization > Player settings, you can set the zoomed image quality and loading behavior:

Besies the resolution and quality settings, you can optionally set a delay for when the zoomed version loads: a number of seconds or upon zoom.


Glass can be represented in WebGL using the new Transmission properties in Physical Materials.

Under Transparency, turn on Full Transmission:

Transmission properties will be displayed:

Falloff properties have been added to Physical Materials as an Operator.

Add the new Falloff operator:


Trash has been added to Assets so that you can easily see what has been deleted and restore Assets.

Use the new Go to trash link on the Assets listing page.

Here you'll see a list of all Assets that have been deleted, who deleted them, and when they were deleted. You can also search and filter the listing:

You can restore multiple Assets using bulk actions:

You can restore individual assets by right-clicking them and seleting Restore:

You can view deleted Assets by clicking them. You can choose to restore from this page:

Assets will be restored to their original folder.


Global Attributes can be created, retrieved, and updated via the existing Product Import API: https://docs.threekit.com/docs/product-import-api


    "attribute": {
      "type": "Asset",
      "name": "item attr test",
      "assetType": "model",
      "values": ["#TEST"],
      "defaultValue": { "assetId": "0e54ce92-39a2-40fc-8694-1611c748099c" }



  • GL7247 - Image unavailable is flashing before render loads

  • GL7266 - Asset-Share Link returns a 404 error when used on Windows device

  • GL7363 - Vray Dome lights render incorrectly when their rotation is different than 0

  • GL7375 - Vray PostEffects are being applied to PNG images instead of EXR images

  • GL7383 - Set property by metadata query performance

  • GL7412 - Proxy Scene should not load Vray asset in front end

  • GL7415 - Embed player shows empty configurator instead of hiding it

  • GL7422 - Images not showing on production website

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