2020.1.11.0 - April 16, 2020


  • We’ve added migration support for existing product visuals to ease the transition to Threekit and eliminate any potential downtime

    • If a Customer already has virtual photographs or AR assets, we can import them, associate them to Threekit configurators, and serve the experience from Threekit.

    • As they generate visual assets in Threekit, their migrated assets will be replaced with new, better visuals.


  • The player now has the updated Threekit branding colors

  • We’ve improved the AR experience

    • If the AR experience needs to be generated, you now have the option to cancel

    • If the AR experience needs to be generated, it will automatically load once it's generated. It no longer needs you to click a “view” button.

  • The player no longer has a white background, it’s transparent - we don’t make assumptions on the desired background color anymore. This allows you to embed it and give it any background color you like.


  • In Logic mode, we’ve moved the “Done” when creating Attributes or Rules so that you don’t accidentally delete them.


  • AR glass no longer appears solid

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