2020.4.3.0 - November 11, 2020


Preview, Admin-FTS


  • Color Attributes can be added to Catalog Items for the full personalization experience. You can use it to let users pick from any color using our new color widget or in conjunction with a String Attribute to select from predefined colors. The color values are then passed to Asset Color Attributes.

  • Attribute Defaults can be set in Catalog Item Attributes across all types. Now there is less logic needed on the client side and Product Variants can have default values set independently of their Master Product:

    • String Attribute - if you’re using a list, select a default value. If it’s free-form text, set the default text value

    • Part Reference - select from individual Items or items within Tags

    • Image Attribute - select from existing Texture assets

    • Number Attribute - select a default value, set min and max values, set a step value to be used with the new up and down arrows in the field widget, and lock the input to steps

    • Color Attribute - set a specific color value

  • Additional Logic Operators allow you to do more advanced logic within the Platform:

    • String Attributes - you can now use “Contains” or “Does not Contain”

    • Number Attributes - you can use “Less than, Equal to or Less than, Greater than, Equal to or Greater than”

  • Vector Images in the form of SVGs has been added to our existing Image Attribute. With SVGs, you can take advantage of manipulations like color adjustments and build-a-products from shapes.

Virtual Photographer

  • Virtual Photographer can be toggled in an Organization’s Feature page by Superadmins to disable and hide all VP features from the Platform. This simplifies the Platform for 3D configurator users and prevents renders that could be costly. VP can be toggled completely or by rendering engine: WebGL and/or VRay.

  • AOV support has been added to rendering. Using the new AOV operator available on Layers in Composite assets, you can set properties like unoccluded and occluded color, radius, falloff, and more. AOV maps are available to download individually in the Job details.


  • Images no longer disappear in AR

  • BlackWhite Operator applies again

  • WebGL scene background retains transparency

  • Z-fighting at certain zoom levels has been fixed

  • Product Import errors now show feedback

  • We are now displaying Metadata in Configuration records

  • Drag and drop importing dialog is no longer cut off in the UI

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