September 2023 Release

Threekit Branching Early Access

Introducing Threekit Branching, a simple way to work in parallel with your team and manage what changes are being made to your experiences.

Threekit Branching allows you to create an instance of your organization which anyone is able to work in and will not affect the rest of the organization, until you want to make the changes you're working on permanent. This way you can work on what's at hand without the worry of breaking or interrupting what anyone else is working on.

Creating a branch

To get started, click the Create New Branch button from the Branch dropdown menu.

Give the Branch a Name that's descriptive so you and your team members know what it's going to be used for. Click the Create button once you're happy with the Name.

Applying your Changes

That's it, now you can work on Catalog items, Assets, Stages or anything else just like how you regularly would. Only difference is these changes won't be applied to the rest of the Organization until you Merge them in.

Once you're happy with the changes you've made it's time to Merge back to the Main Branch, you'll be finalizing the changes so that everyone in the Organization will have access to them.

Merging your Branch

Click the Branch icon and then the Branch Management button to navigate to the Branch Management Page.

On the Branch Management Page click the Merge to Main button and you'll be taken to the Merge Confirmation page

At the Merge Confirmation page you can see all the changes you've made and confirm them before pushing them.

Once you're happy with the changes click the Push to main button to push your changes so everyone on the org can access them.

To learn more and get access, contact the Threekit team today.

Enhanced Visuals - Gem Material Upgrade

The Visual quality of Gem Materials has been greatly improved to allow for more realistic depictions of Gems and Precious Metals

Your existing experiences will take advantage of the improvements automatically, so there's no work needed to re-do any work.

Custom-ID support for Treble

The previously released Custom-ID is now fully supported in Treble, anywhere you reference an item with an asset-id can now be replaced by a Custom-ID that you defined.

Now you can take advantage of Custom-ID every step of the way in your project - From how you access the content from the Threekit Player, how to interact with your existing data systems, to how to setup your front-end webpage.

Read the full Treble documentation for more info and how you could start taking advantage of Custom-ID today.

Normal Element Output for Virtual Photographer

For use in further processing, you can now output the Normal and Bump Normal output for any render generated with a Composite Asset, exactly how you would with the existing Ambient Occlusion Output.


  • DEV-503 Vray Cameras importing with incorrectly calculated Film Height

  • DEV-949 UI - Option to create a global attribute from the item view quick edit panel unavailable

  • Bug DEV-742 Import Asset JSON not functioning on Mac devices

  • DEV-820 Invalid token returns 401 with incorrect message "Error reaching users service"

  • DEV-1082 Collision detection not functioning properly

  • DEV-1108 Blurred images with Fast Composite API not being processed correctly

  • DEV-1143 Webgl render jobs failing with the error "Error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)"

  • DEV-1145 Error 401 when signing up new accounts

  • DEV-1151 Fast Compositor timing out without completing

  • DEV-1160 Layers not containing correct elements post-migration

  • DEV-1163 Not being able to generate analytic reports even when correct permissions are granted

  • DEV-1165 Catalog-Import jobs failing

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