2022.17.0 - September 22, 2022


Throughout this year, we've been continually adding functionality to allow you to manipulate objects in your scenes spatially, this release we're adding to the Save Configuration feature to encompass the customization that was done from that manipulation, allowing you to show and restore the scene exactly as you've configured it to be. This enables customers to resume later, share with a friend, or send to a sales representative for next steps.

To use this feature, navigate to your Player Settings and enable Save Complete Scene.

Now when saving configuration, any changes made to the scene via spatial configuration will also be saved, so when you share your configured scene via the Share Button the loaded configurator will also contain the spatial configuration that was done.


  • DEV-704 Older light linker not working with tags

  • DEV-703 Clone item in quickview broken

  • DEV-697 Upgrade to Rapid Compact 6.0

  • DEV-689 Camera Clipping settings are being ignored by Vray Renders

  • DEV-687 Remove tags feature bug

  • DEV-686 Unable to POST Apostrophe in String to Asset Jobs API

  • DEV-643 Problem of displacement of objects when overlapping each other

  • DEV-564 Inconsistent results for rules

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