2021.1.0 - January 6, 2021


Preview, Admin-FTS


Improved Player Loading experience is here: the Threekit player now displays an image snapshot of the product and loads the 3D visualization in the background. This means that Shoppers will see product visuals sooner and will not feel like they’re waiting as long.

The snapshot will use the active camera and configuration to match the 3D visual experience so that it’s seamless. Snapshots are generated if one doesn’t exist when the player loads. Snapshots are regenerated when an Asset is updated.

Note: if a Catalog Item's referenced Asset is updated, the Catalog Item will need to be resaved to generate an updated snapshot.

It is turned on for all users within the Threekit platform and has to be enabled where the player is used externally using the following parameter:

showLoadingThumbnail: true   



Catalog Item thumbnails have been added to the Catalog Item listing page to match the Asset listing page. Now you can see what the Item is before clicking it.

These are generated the same way Asset thumbnails are generated: when you view a Catalog Item if a thumbnail doesn’t exist, Threekit generates it. If the underlying visual asset has been updated, Threekit will regenerate the thumbnail.


Asset prefetching optimization will result in faster loading times for 3D visualizations that have a lot of dependent requests by requesting multiple assets at once, caching their responses, and process additional responses and adding them to the cache. Performance improvements depend on the number of requests and can range in improvements of a couple of seconds to tens of seconds.

Bugs / Cases

GL6278 - Player visuals don’t comply with attributes & rules. → Part of GL 6300 GL6230 - Materials on assets don’t act as expected. → Part of GL 6300 GL6272 - Editing asset metadata affects asset’s rules. → Part of GL 6300 GL6295 - Attribute hiding not working properly GL6274 - Error involving materials with initial configuration and material swapping → Part of GL 6300 GL6404 - Configuration backend API error GL6240 - Loading/launch times have increased significantly GL5871 - “Renders” button changed to “Render” GL4233 - Unable to create condition with Asset Attribute not equal to null GL6268 - VRay Camera/ Asset rule broken GL6237 - Embedding an asset with showConfigurator set to false breaks initialConfiguration GL6191 - Asset with same tag appear as attribute values when creating renders GL6039 - 2FA prompt focus/enter GL5907 - Cant’ scroll the left menu in admin GL5717 - Scrollbar on QR Code GL4716 - Open cloned model in new tab GL4246 - page query parameter not working in list views GL6306 - viewing apps in platform cause 500 error

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