2023.7.0 - March 23, 2023

Visual Quality Improvement with Anti Aliasing

Better visuals when moving around your products can now be achieved using Mutli-Sample Anti Aliasing, this greatly reduces the amount of jaggedness while scrolling, rotating, or zooming to look at your products at different angles.

Now, even when rapidly rotating, or zooming in and out, your products are always going to look great.

The following is an example of the new Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing vs. the existing Fast-Approximate Anti-Aliasing for translations of the camera.

Existing default - Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA)

New - Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) 8x

The visible jaggedness present in the upper image while moving around the camera is greatly reduced and in some parts of the item even eliminated using this new Anti-Aliasing method.

To enable this on any scene asset simply choose which level of detail you'd like from the Anti-aliasing dropdown under the WebGL Quality section on any Scene Asset

Importing Data Upgrade

Importing data to data tables has been improved to allow you to work with formats that you're used to and also ensure that the data is being read correctly as it enters Threekit.

When importing any csv file as a Data Table, you'll now be given a choice of which delimiter you'd like to use when reading the file, making it more convenient to use the delimiter you're already used to, instead of having to change your workflow to accommodate commas.

Furthermore, a preview of your imported data will now be shown along with the column headers to allow you to confirm that your data is being read correctly, saving you tons of time on a possibly massive import where one misplaced comma could cause the whole table to be unusable.

Better notification for Jobs

The jobs notification panel has been improved to allow for live-updates.

Now instead of having to go to the jobs page to check the progress on running jobs, simply click the dropdown to reveal a list of your most recent jobs and you'll get live updates on their progress without having to refresh.


  • DEV-695 Unable to add tags to a model

  • DEV-831 AI files not being uploaded

  • DEV-915 VRAY Sun nodes importing as disabled by default

  • DEV-919 Composite PNG renders missing transparency

  • DEV-945 Some Layers and Composites render jobs failing

  • DEV-948 Layers and Composites render jobs not applying the correct resolution settings

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