2021.23.0 - November 10, 2021




Listing page filter lists can be filtered using text-as-you-type so that you can easily and quickly find what you're looking for without scrolling long lists.


The Threekit Player UI has been updated for a more modern look and neutral color palette to be more compatible with a variety of brand colours.

Cropping Mode settings have been added to the Player Settings page to give you the ability to control how the Threekit Player displays images generated by Virtual Photographer.

By default, the Player uses the `Fit Height` setting so that images are centered and set to fill the height of the player.

`Fit Width` centers the image and fits it horizontally so that the entire image can be seen.

`Contain` centers the image and fits it horizontally and resizes automatically when the player is resized.

`Cover` centers the image and fits it vertically keeps it centered as the player is resized.


Player Loading can easily be customized for 3D and Virtual Photographer modes.

  enabled: boolean;
  waitToShow: number;
  loadingImage: boolean; // hide dot.gif in 2D player loading. 
  loadingComponent: (progress:number) => HTMLELement; // allow user to render html to replace dot.gif in player. 
onLoadingProgress: (progress: number) => void can be used to track whether player is loading in 2D player. User can implement custom loading approach based on the progress value from the function.

For example, the Virtual Photographer loading animation can be disabled using this method:

    "showLoadingProgress": {
      "loadingImage": false

Player component classes can be overridden using an embed parameter:

`classnames` (optional): overide classnames for player UI component.

loading: string; override css on player loading component.
mobile: string; override css on player in moblie view.
share: string | { button: string; popup: string }; override css on share button and share popup. string for share button only.
fullscreen: string; override css on fullscreen button.
ar: string | { button: string; popup: string }; override css on ar button and ar popup. string for ar button only.
help: string; override css on help button.

Single assets can be exported using a new parameter on the `Asset Export` API:


Virtual Photographer

VRScene assets import compatibility has been improved drastically:

  • Objects displayed in the screen tree

  • Objects displayed in the viewport

  • More comprehensive properties for objects



Bugs / Cases

  • GL7692 - Organization Administrators can disable MFA for members

  • GL7732 - JSON Import api 502's

  • GL7714 - Curved text effects have an extra layer of white outline around the text

  • GL7721 - Configurator only partially working on website

  • GL7704 - The JSON.parse function is having a big performance impact

  • GL7697 - Update data table cause duplicate rows

  • GL7701 - Files API giving out CORS errors when request are made from the browser

  • GL7664 - Image flashes when resize the 2D player

  • GL7702 - 'New Access Token' UI Broken on Preview

  • GL7638 - Check if player is loading a model, how to detect when to display a loading icon

  • GL7693 - Multiple conditions on rules are not being parsed properly

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