Mesh Compressor

Get to the top of search results, show your products sooner, get your Customers engaged faster, and convert more with dramatically load times.

Threekit's new Mesh Compressor provide all Customers with immediate 20% to 40% speed boost for existing and new Realtime 3D and Augmented Reality experiences (Basic and Advance) and additional tools to get up to 95% speed boost.

The new mesh optimization tools can compress mesh assets at scale and simplify complex meshes reducing file size and load time all in real time.


The non-destructive Mesh Compression applies to all existing Mesh assets and any new Mesh assets you import for an immediate speed boost. Quantization is on by default, but can be toggled off.


The Mesh Compressor's Simplification tool can be used to go the next level speeding up experiences up to 95%.

Use the reduction slider to find the right balance of size to visual quality for you.

Select one or more mesh nodes and configure the new Simplification tool to watch the download and loading time drop exponentially in real-time.

Want to get more aggressive for AR experiences? You can use the Override Basic AR option to speed up AR experiences to improve engagement and conversion.

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