2021.14.0 - July 7, 2021



Virtual Photographer

Resubmit Renders to save time when doing test renders or when you have a specific configuration you want to re-render. You can right-click any Render on the Renders listing page and select Re-Run:

You can also select Resubmit from the Render image listing page at the top right:

You will be taken to the New Render screen with the Item and Stage selection pre-populated. You can make changes or keep the value as they are.

Backwards Compatibility

Existing Renders may display incorrect Item and Stage selection values. They an be manually corrected on the New Render screen.


Metadata queries have been updated to allow for direct queries to the Asset itself or any Items referencing the asset. The Metadata query UI has been improved for clarity.

Asset reference attributes (e.g. Fabric) added to the Asset are grouped at the top of the dropdown.

Selecting This Asset queries the asset's metadata.

Selecting Item Reference queries any Item referencing the Asset.

Preview Item Reference Query

You will not be able to preview this behaviour in the Asset Logic panel, you can test it from Item page that reference the Asset.

Environment Map Overrides have been added to PBR Materials so that Materials can have a custom environment map, different from any maps in a scene.

Add the new Environment Override operator to a Material:

The Environment Map options you'd find in a Scene are added to the material:

VRay Materials now display UV Channels as a dropdown, like PBR Materials:


Service Accounts have been added for improved integration management so that Tokens are no longer associated with Users.

Service accounts can be created from the Members page at the top right:

Service accounts adhere to any Roles existing in your Organization, meaning that the account will only be able access data the Role has permission to access:

Once a Service account has been created, existing tokens can be reassigned from Users to Service accounts by right-clicking an existing token and selecting Reassign token:

Note that any new tokens must be assigned to a Service Account:

Token Best Practices

All User-assigned Tokens should be reassigned to Service Accounts as a best practice.


  • GL7119 - Comp rendering estimates not adjusting and incorrect

  • GL7149 - Data Table Columns with Period Character in Title Row Import all other Values in Column as Null

  • GL7175 - Selecting explicit options in a limited configuration on the render screen will hide all items you have not selected and these won't reappear until you refresh.

  • GL7189 - The render page has issues with the attribute options

  • GL7105 - Item Logic "Set Attribute Value" using another attribute doesn't work

  • GL7122 - Dropdown lists on operators are appearing blank

  • GL7198 - Error messaging for Service accounts is unclear

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