2022.16.0 - September 14, 2022


Keeping the end user's focus on relevant components during configuration is paramount to your brand's intended user experience. With the goal of reducing model correction, we have introduced the Matte Mask Operator for materials.

By using objects with this material in a WebGL experience, you can now mask out any objects that may interfere with the visual experience. Hence, if an end user rotates a product, they will only see components that are relevant to that view.

In any material, the Matte Mask Operator can be applied to it.

Once applied to a mesh will mask out anything behind the mesh, allowing you to focus the experience towards the key points of the model.


  • DEV-692 Proxies exporting to usdz incorrectly

  • DEV-690 Asset/export api not including the pricing attribute

  • DEV-688 Done Button in Editor Missing when using Bulk edit

  • DEV-682 Rendering without spherical camera producing warped renders

  • DEV-661 Vray light-linking broken for node tags

  • DEV-437 Imported files with '+' in their name do not replace asset with same name

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