Quick View & Edit

The new Quick View and Edit panel provides a faster way to see Item details and update them.

Clicking on a row will open the panel, which displays all the information on the Full Item page without the player and configurator, including: Item Name, Description, Referenced Assets, tags, Metadata, Attributes, and Rules.

To edit, click on any of the fields.

Clicking the green chevron next to Asset references opens that Asset in a new tab.

Metadata can be added and edited.

Global and Local attributes can be added. Existing attributes can be modified.

New Rules can be added and existing Rules can be toggled, cloned, and deleted.

The header is always visible to give you access to the Save button, which turns green if there are changes to be saved.

The three-dot menu provides access to the Full Item Page with the Player view, Configurator, and additional Item options.

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